In a society where tequila is associated with oversized sombreros, mariachi bands, and clothes falling off, Chinaco came to us with an identity crisis. The power players (think Patron) and the cheap collegiate choices (think clothes falling off) were squeezing Chinaco off the shelves.

But as cultured connoisseurs, we knew there was more to Chinaco than late nights and bad decisions. Unlike its competition, Chinaco is handcrafted, artisanal, and personal. And it was time for their branding to reflect that.

Inspired by hand-painted traditional Mexican art, we redesigned Chinaco to convey its crafted roots. Typography and decorative elements adorn the bottle, while wrapped twine and a rustic wooden cork cap add the perfect amount of detail.

Since the rebrand, Chinaco doesn’t just have an identity, they have a prime spot on the shelves.

315M Americans now know Chinaco is the furthest thing away from a poor decision.