Flir One

After establishing themselves as the leader in commercial thermal imaging, FLIR joined forces with R/West to launch their first consumer product – the first thermal imaging camera for iPhone.

Our first task was to capture the attention of the media and tech enthusiasts, so we introduced FLIR ONE at the world-renowned Consumer Electronics Show. And on top of the outstanding media response, consumers started lining up for pre-orders.

We prepared for launch on an international scale with a multilingual packaging series, a responsive website, and a tongue-in-cheek video campaign. By designing everything from branding to collateral, we supported the launch of the hottest new technology in a completely new market.

10% increase in stock price for FLIR Systems Inc. within 48 hours after launch at CES 2014
700K+ views on youtube with first consumer targeted video
3 design & press awards since launch date
14K Facebook trackers up from just 835 earlier this year