Paromi Tea

Paul Rosen, founder of Paromi Tea saw an opportunity. The teas in today’s market were lacking the flavor and freshness of the handpicked teas he drank growing up. So to fill this void, he created Paromi – a premium artisan tea company, featuring handpicked, full-leaf teas. And although the tea stood out, the branding didn’t.

Enter R/West.

Since Paromi is premium tea, we wanted the packaging to reflect that. Visually, the look was simple, earthy, and elegant, while the copy encompassed the unique story behind the brand. To take the branding a step further, we created tinted glass jars to filter out UV light, moisture, and oxygen, ensuring the tea stays as fresh as the day it was picked.

Shortly after the rebrand, Paromi was picked up by Whole Foods across most of the continental United States.

We’ll sip to that.

1,000+ Whole Foods stores now carrying Paromi Tea
1,987 new pinkies raised holding tea cups