Rogue Creamery

During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, Rogue Creamery opened their doors in Southern Oregon. The goal was never to make a profit – but to provide jobs for the struggling workers of the town. Shortly after opening, Rouge Creamery surpassed expectations, made significant contributions to the war effort, and broke the gender barrier by employing women.

And although times have changed, the heart of Rogue Creamery hasn’t. 80 years later, they’re still focused on sustainability, local ingredients, and crafting artisanal cheese by hand. And their branding needed to represent that.

R/West communicated the creamery’s rich heritage through messaging and design. Texturized graphic elements and handcrafted typography told Rogue’s story visually, while copy supported their age-old message. By giving their vintage history a modern twist, we created a look sure to please every palate.

80 YEARS of handcrafted cheese